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As we approach the festive season, mall traffic will begin to increase, which in turn increases the likelihood of mall crimes. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have all the measures in place to be able to either deter the criminal activity or have solutions in place to be able to identify criminals.

Number plate recognition has become a highly used solution in the security industry over the years. Technology advancements have made accessing vital information about certain crimes a lot more efficient and effective.

While our surveillance services do a great job of monitoring the perimeter and interior of your home, retail or commercial space, there are more areas of your space that can be monitored and protected from potential crime. For example, the parking lot in malls or business parks, large farms with entrance gates far from the premises and your housing communities with many entrances and exits.

How does this technology assist with preventing crimes for malls?

As a manager of a shopping mall, it is part if your interest to provide your customers with convenience as well as safety. With this technology, identification of local remote-jammers and card-scammers is taken care of, as malls have a hotlist of the vehicles associated with these kinds of crimes. This list is then loaded onto our systems and when a suspicious vehicle enters the mall, the management and mall security staff are notified immediately.

This system is also beneficial for patrolling and guarding measures. The cameras can be installed in high traffic hotspots where they not only capture an image but assess if it may be a threat based on historical precedent. If a vehicle has been listed as stolen or attached to a crime, we are able to alert necessary authorities for action to be taken.

Our ANPR cameras work powerfully and effectively when placed strategically in and around a building. The cameras can be used alongside entrance management systems and provides them with detailed instructions and processes to follow when a suspicious number plate is recognized. Our cameras can be viewed on any hand-held device for effective, fast reporting.

Get in touch with us to get your ANPR technology installed and create a safer space.

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