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During this past month, South Africans have had to deal with incidents we never thought we would have to endure. The looting and destruction of our country has put us on high alert as the concern for ourselves and our families’ safety increases. Besides from an already high crime rate in our country, this is another aspect we need to consider when leaving the house.

Introducing: Pepper Spray Security Systems.

Pepper spray is typically a small, handheld defensive device that is used by a person to temporarily stop a threat, allowing the user to escape from any possible physical harm from the criminal/attacker.

However, this new system of ours is installed and connected to the property’s CCTV Digital Video Recorder (DVR). It is then linked to our control room where in the event of a breach of security, our operators can deploy the pepper spray immediately from the control room to deter criminals from entering the premises. This system can be installed both inside and outside of a property to ensure full security measures are implemented to keep your stock and premises safe.

The results of the July unrest caused irreparable damage that set our communities back significantly and we as a nation will feel the impact for months, if not longer, to come. During this time, should this innovative pepper spray security system have been implemented around the parameters and inside most of these establishments, the looters and rioters would have been dispersed immediately and many businesses would not have suffered the extent of the damages they sadly have had to deal with.

How does this system work?

With this system in place, during instances like this or any other security breach, our operators are able to assess the situation at hand, follow normal protocols such as immediately alerting armed response and the police, but if the situation escalates while our operators are waiting for these personal, they can trigger the pepper spray system and either deter the criminals completely or radically slow down the process for when the officers arrive on the scene to manage the situation at hand.

This high quality system is manufactured with superior materials, made with exceptional care and with the best technologies available in the industry. All products used meet the highest standards as fighting crime is our passion and therefore it is vital to us to only produce products that truly make a difference in the outcome of criminal deterrence. Our pepper spray security systems can be developed for specific requirements as well as custom made for unusual applications.

The pepper spray system is fitted with motion sensors with a number of digital options for the devices to ensure reliability and accuracy of performance as these systems are used in diverse environments. Alarm systems were originally designed with the sole purpose to alert the home or business owner about any security risks or intruders trying to enter their premises as well as to alert or warn intruders that their presence on the property has been detected. However many intruders have become bolder and are not deterred by these alarms as they are aware they have time until the police arrive onsite. But in today’s modern society, thanks to advancements in technology, alarm systems have become more efficient, like our pepper spray security system. Intruders expect an alarm to be sounded, but are not expecting a blast of pepper spray that forces them to flee the scene.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits this type of system has:

  • It is extremely effective – as discussed, it catches an intruder by surprise and even if the criminal is not directly hit, the lingering spray in the air will likely affect them, causing them to leave the scene.
  • It is legal – it is legal to use pepper spray if one is in immediate danger/there is a threat. However if you use it to cause intentional harm to someone who is not posing danger to you, it is illegal. It is important to note that in order to legally use pepper spray, the harmful threat must already have begun or be immediately threatening. But there is no need to stress about this, as TTK are fully compliant with all legal aspects of using pepper spray.

If you are looking for an effective security system that can provide immediate protection over your properties and assets, get in touch with us today to find out more.

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