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For businesses, estates, or complexes with high entry levels, keeping track of who enters your premises is of upmost importance to ensure the security of employees, residence, and valuables.

An effective way to keep track of who enters as well as exits, is via access control and biometrics. Access control gives people access to a building electronically. It also has capability to restrict people from gaining access into areas they should not be. It authenticates, authorizes, and ensures that only valid individuals have access to the premise. It understands who is on the property and helps armed responses teams and police during emergencies to ensure that all individuals in the premise are accounted for.

Access control while being a vital part of any security plan, it also assists with the management of staff and visitor movement and attendance. Access control provides a business, estate or complex with many benefits. As mentioned before, access control provides you with personalized restrictive access and monitors who comes and goes within a building and what information certain individuals can access. This is particularly useful for businesses that receive lots of visitors or have sections within the building that are restricted.

If an employee or resident permanently leave the establishment, access control allows the security team to immediately deactivate the card or remove the biometrics from the system to revoke the individuals access to the building when necessary. This streamlines processes and ensure that unwanted visitors are unable to enter as well as makes the process of allowing a new individual access easily by activating a card or adding fingerprints to biometrics.

Fingerprints and Biometrics Access controll - TTK Surveillance

In the event of an individual contracting COVID-19 in the premise that is run off of access control, a business is able to trace all individuals that were in the establishment at the time and advise them to isolate to ensure the spread is contained.

Access control is a beneficial security measure as it provides individuals in the premises with peace of mind that they are safe from intruders or unwanted visitors.

TTK Surveillance offer an extensive range of access control based solutions such as perimeter detection, vehicle access, pedestrian access as well as touch free systems which are ideal to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Vehicle and Pedestrian access - TTK Surveillance

Our offering includes 24-hour remote access control which allows vehicles and pedestrians to have access to the premises when activated through a control room. The way this service works is that after following a verification process that eliminates the risk of security guard being overpowered and the event of forced entry, the pedestrian or vehicle will be granted access.

In the event of an intruder attempting to gain unauthorised access, the control room immediately alerts the armed response team or an appointed representative of your company and the situation is escalated from there.

Our Products Include:

– Biometrics
– RFID Cards/Tags
– Facial Recognition
– Iris Recognition
– Palm Scanners
– Time & Attendance
– Payroll Integration
– Turnstiles
– Boom Gates & Spikes
– License Scanners
– Visitor Management Systems
– Electric Fencing

RFID Cards/Tags - TTK Surveillance

To find out more about how access control can benefit your business, estate or complex, get in touch and take a step to making your environment safe.

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