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Before we unpack exactly what we are referring to in our heading, let’s look at a few statistics.

An article posted by TimesLive mentioned that the Gauteng MEC stated that majority of robberies and/or burglaries are a result of an inside job. The article stated that a massive 60% of criminal activity is being committed with insider information, particularly coming from workers or the crime being committed by the worker themselves. The article also mentions that the Gauteng MEC, called for all private security firms and their employees to be vetted. She stated that an investment in added technology is needed in province.

“What Does Government Have to Say?”

Another article posted by the Lowvelder, stated that 77% of criminals chose to target properties that they have inside information on and that criminals prefer neighbourhoods that have many entrances and exits and have easy access to main roads.

With these high and frightening statistics, we need to look at the importance of separating your off-site monitoring company from your armed response company.

In order to understand why one should keep these two companies separate, we need to understand the difference between the companies and what each is responsible for.

An alarm or surveillance monitoring company, such as TTK, are responsible for off-site monitoring of the property. We have teams who keep track and monitor the property from a control room, where we are able to immediately alert the police and armed response of any suspicious activity. We are also responsible for keeping an eye on any incident before the police or armed response arrive and keep them updated to the criminals’ whereabouts.

The armed response team are responsible for responding on scene to any incidents they are alerted to and take charge to control the situation and capture criminals for the police to deal with from there. Their response time and actions taken are critical to reducing crime and preventing criminal activity in communities.

The main reasons why it is important to keep these two roles separate in terms of suppliers, is as follows:


During installation of the security devices, the off-site monitoring team are aware of exactly where the cables, keypads, sensors, and cameras are installed. This is highly confidential information which the control room treasure as a key asset to making sure their role remains undetected and effective.

When the control room operators and responders are part of the same team, it leaves risk for negligence, inside jobs and confidential information being leaked.

Keeping these teams separate by hiring two different companies is therefore crucial.


Each supplier plays their role in securing the client’s premises. By keeping your off-site monitoring team separate from your response team, the control room are able to hold the response team accountable for swift response times and keep record of their reactions on site.

What we have noticed is that teams that cover both roles under one umbrella often deal with “friends” letting things slide for each other, like arriving late on scene or – as we have seen before – drinking on the job.

Without an off-site monitoring team, issues such as the following become a problem: if a property is being invaded and the criminals are attempting to enter through the roof, and they are able to successfully cut the alarm, the armed response team arrive to do a perimeter patrol, but they are unable to see any evidence of break in and thus think everything is secure. However, when you have a company like TTK doing your alarm and camera monitoring off-site, they are able to notify the armed response team that the alarm has been cut and responders must be dispatched.

TTK’s alarm monitoring service is professionally run and assists with efficient response to any incident that may arise at your property.

Our process is as follows: when an alarm activates, or suspicious activity is noticed on the surveillance cameras, the control room operators immediately call the client to assess if they are aware of the alarm. We then call the relevant armed response company responsible for the client’s property to dispatch units. The responders then conduct a perimeter patrol to ensure there is no evidence of break in or suspicious activity and take responsible action to control any trespassers and criminals. If, however, there is an emergency or a panic button is pressed, the process of calling the client is skipped and the control room immediately dispatches armed response to the scene with no delay.


At TTK we specialise in both alarm and CCTV monitoring and advise our clients to install both alarm systems and cameras for optimum security levels. When the two are combined, the service we are able to offer covers you exponentially for greatly reduced risk. If we install and monitor both your alarm and cameras, the control room operators are able to see who activates and deactivates your alarms, and if we notice that it is not our client at the keypad, we immediately contact the client for confirmation and dispatch armed response.

Not only does this assist you, but we assist the armed response teams in doing their job too. With our eyes steadily focused on the cameras, we keep track of where the criminals are within your premises and make sure armed response are informed on their whereabouts at all times.

In conclusion, don’t keep all your eggs in one basket and trust TTK with the efficient and reliable monitoring of your home, office or retail property.