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South Africans are seen as very community-based people who put a lot of focus on keeping each other and themselves safe from security risks. Gated communities are becoming more prevalent in the urban South African streets. These communities are seen in various types and forms such as enclosed neighbourhoods, large estates, and gated townhouse complexes. These types of communities have seen a rise in the country due to the high crime statistics we face.

Housebreaking and burglaries remain the most consistent type of crime experience by household around South Africa, with 2.3 million crimes reported in 2019/2020.

With these statistics in mind, it is easy to see why we are seeing more and more of these gated communities. These communities typically have security guards and systems stationed at the front gate or entrance to the community to deter potential crime and keep a look out for suspicious activity. While security patrols are beneficial and security guards or personnel are an imperative presence on any property, both can only do so much. This is because they do not have the ability to assess a vehicle or its occupants and what their purpose entering the premises may or may not be.

So, are these efforts enough for effectively deter criminal activity?

At TTK, we offer a wide range of security solutions but one that stands out as something that can change the way security is handled, is our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera system. This system is one of the most powerful in the country and acts as you early warning system to potential crimes.

This recognition software tracks every passing vehicle is photographed and analysed to detect if there is any suspicious vehicle travelling through your area. Our system is linked to law enforcement databases of stolen or suspicious vehicles, allowing us to alert your community as soon as one of these vehicles enter or try enter the community. These databases are continually updated to ensure we keep your community safe.

Efforts to effectively deter criminal activity - TTK services

How do our TTK control room operators use this system?

Our operators are alerted of any potential threat in a matter of seconds and are able to effectively track the vehicles estimated travel distance with the use of an AI-generated map. We record all transactions, allowing for detailed and effective reporting. Our highly skilled staff then immediately contact response teams relevant to that area as well as SAPS to ensure all threats are deterred before any crime occurs. Our team monitor the incident and ensure police and response teams arrive on scene and keep track of all activity until the incident is closed. In cases, where suspicious vehicles are detected in residential complexes, we alert the guards and access control managers to advise them not to let the vehicle enter.
One of the benefits of our systems is that our software is accessible through your smartphone, allowing for our clients to keep track of alerts remotely.

Our off- site monitoring services allow you to choose between either 24-hour or 12-hour monitoring or seasonal monitoring depending on your requirements. Our services run for 365 days a year for businesses and personal use.

TTK control room operators - TTK Services

Let us help you move beyond the uncertainty and into the future of community safety.

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