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As we head toward the festive season and excitement escalates for upcoming holiday travels, we must not become complacent when it comes to keeping our families and valuables safe.

Recent articles state that South Africans need to be aware of a major crime increase in the coming months. As we have been moved to adjusted level 1 lockdown, criminals have less restrictions on movement, more demand on income and during the festive season it has been said that South Africans tend to consume more alcohol, which could lead to more crime.

A research assistant at the UCT Centre of Criminology mentioned to eNCA that the amount of criminal activity increased by over 50% in Q3 and 4 of 2020.

While we go on holiday, unfortunately, crime does not.

During this period, criminals see opportunity to target houses that are unoccupied. Which is why it is important to ensure your house, office or retail space has adequate security measures in place to either deter criminals or alert security personnel if there is suspicious activity.

Alarm systems, CCTV cameras and electric fencing are all effective security measures in deterring criminals. However, proactive off-site monitoring of these systems is an even better way of ensuring that any security breach is handled.

At TTK surveillance, we offer a wide range of off-site monitoring solutions that can be tailored to your needs to ensure your property, family and valuables are kept safe during the festive season.

Our off- site monitoring services allow you to choose between either 24-hour or 12-hour monitoring or seasonal monitoring depending on your requirements. Our services run for 365 days a year for businesses and personal use.

We offer intelligent CCTV solutions that keep watch while you are not around. They deliver real-time video analytics and alerts are set up based on your preferences. These systems can be set up for indoor or outdoor use.

We also offer alarm monitoring with our smart Ajax alarm systems, which are entirely set up and controlled with an Android or iOS device. Which allows our clients to keep track of what is happening at their premises when they are not there. Not only are you able to access security updates, you are able to turn lights on and off from your device to make it seem like you are at home when you are away.

All of these systems are monitored off-site by our expert control room operators who focus on one alert at a time, not several cameras at the same, which eliminates the risk of missing an incident while looking at different cameras. Our alerts are processed individually, and no alert is missed. Our control room operators immediately escalate unusual or suspicious activity to the relevant armed response unit and SAPS. We also send a detailed alert notification of every escalated alert to clients via email so they are kept up to date with an incidence.

We offer these effective services so that you don’t have to worry about the security of your home, and you can enjoy a deserved festive break.

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