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In South Africa we deal with a lot of trials and tribulations, such as crime, unemployment and one of the most frustrating, load shedding/ power outages.

An article from Times Lives stated that our country experienced more than 559 hours of stage 1, 2 and 3 of load shedding in the first half of 2021. With 2020 seeing 859 hours of load shedding throughout the year.

Although, load shedding and cable theft causing power outages are already a frustrating aspect to deal with, one of the biggest issues that come with the lights being out, is the increase in crime. An article posted by Pretoria Rekord stated that the types of crimes that increase during load shedding are typically hi jacking, rape, assault, and robbery. With this in mind it is clear to see that households, malls, office parks and more need to ensure their security is taken care of during load shedding.

With the constant power on, power off that comes with load shedding, particularly when the power is cut a few times a day, we have seen huge strain put onto batteries of alarm systems, electric gates, and fencing. All these systems are used to keep ourselves and our properties safe, but when these systems are comprised, our safety is at risk.

Criminals are opportunists, therefore when the lights are out in the evening and an entire area is dark, criminals have the upper hand because visibility is poor due to street and house lights being out. Electric fences stop working when load shedding is implemented, meaning access to a property is easier for criminals. Alarm systems also stop working during the period of load shedding, meaning that if there is an intruder, the alarm will not be set off and armed response will not be notified to deal with the incident.

However, with TTK surveillance’s off-site monitoring services, these issues are eliminated. All of our systems and cameras run off of batteries or inverters, meaning that when the power is cut, the systems will still run for the duration of the outage and there is no interruption on surveillance or camera footage.

Our cameras all use infrared to ensure that our control room operators are still able to see if there is any suspicious activity or unusual activity in or around the premises, even when the lights are out.

An article published by Business Tech, shared that The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) warned South Africans that criminal activity is set to increase as there is an increase in load shedding schedules.

The institute said “Load shedding is just another opportunity which criminals are already exploiting, and they will continue to exploit. We will see a rise in crime such as burglary and other crimes such as house and business robbery. They will be able to follow load shedding schedules.”

Therefore, it is important to ensure you have the right tools and systems in place to protect you and your valuables during vulnerable times. TTK’s off-site monitoring is your way forward for all security needs.

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