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Running an estate, complex, office park or any premises that has a high number of traffic entering and exiting every day is a tough and demanding task. There are a number of different aspects to consider ensuring the safety of your residents and visitors.

A big concern in these kinds of establishments is the safety and protection of pedestrians and animals who walk through the premises. According to an article published by BusinessTech, in 2019, the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) approved private estates to establish and enforce their own traffic fines in South Africa. These fines are determined by the estate’s association and these fines can be as high as R10 000 if an individual is caught breaking the rules on a number of occasions, the amount payable is up to the association’s discretion.

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People who choose to live in residential estates/complexes, choose this way of living for the lifestyle and security they offer. Estate or complex living allows for children to play in the streets or parks, owners taking their animals for walks and chances of animals getting out of their homes. Therefore, enforcing speed limits and issuing fines within these establishments is a way of minimising potential vehicle and pedestrian/animal accidents.

TTK biometric access control has been fundamental when trying to stay secure against fraud, unauthorized access to homes or companies and tracking attendances. Increased developments in the biometrics industry is seen in the fields of security and control, and surveillance systems by 12% and 4% respectively “ source: industry-opinion/”. TTK Surveillance is part of this development because the service effectively offers devices that connect to strict and efficient access control, attendance, and surveillance systems.

Speed Cameras Solutions For Estates - TTK Solutions - SA - CPT - DBN - JHB

TTK surveillance offer speed cameras solutions for estates, complexes, office parks or factories. These cameras are set up to a customised required sleep limit and placed in particular area/areas within the premises. When a vehicle is caught speeding, the cameras immediately email an image of the vehicle, the number plate as well as the speed the vehicle was travelling to the contact person in charge. This allows the person in charge of the establishment to either issue warnings or fines accordingly.

These cameras are not just effective for ensuring residents and visitors abide to the speed limits in the area but is also effective in possible crime situations. For example, in a factory, estate, complex or office park, if an incident occurs where a vehicle enters the premises and commits a crime such as stealing and the ‘get away’ vehicle speeds off from the scene to escape, this camera will snap a shot of the vehicle and the number plate and email the person in charge, who will have evidence to take to police to easily track the criminals.

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These cameras when installed alongside our CCTV surveillance cameras, offer estates a solution that not only monitors the speed of vehicles but also monitors the area for any suspicious activity that may occur, such as spotting unauthorised guests on the premises, robberies, or any other criminal activity. It also provides peace of mind for the residents of the estates, factories, or office parks, to know that their safety is being observed. With our highly trained and fast to react off-site monitoring team, you can be sure that your establishment is safe.

To find out more about TTK’s biometrics offering, send us an email on or give us a call on 087 151 1961.

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