Number Plate Recognition

Never Miss a Vehicle: Advanced Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) with TTK Surveillance

In today’s security landscape, vigilance is key. Traditional security measures often fall short, leaving you with blind spots and unanswered questions. But what if you could identify every vehicle entering and leaving your property, in real-time?

Stop Crimes Before They Happen

ANPR goes beyond simple surveillance. Our intelligent camera systems capture license plates, run them through a comprehensive database, and instantly flag any vehicles of concern. This allows you to:

  • Deter Crime: The presence of ANPR cameras acts as a strong deterrent to criminals, especially those using stolen vehicles.
  • Improve Access Control: Grant access only to authorized vehicles, streamlining entry and exit procedures.
  • Track Stolen Vehicles: ANPR can identify stolen vehicles entering your property, allowing for immediate intervention.
  • Enhance Law Enforcement Efforts: ANPR data can be invaluable for police investigations, leading to faster apprehension of criminals.

SNIPR: Leading Vehicle License Plate Recognition

SNIPR camera systems are some of the most powerful in South Africa. SNIPR has the technology to capture an image, analyse, decrypt and interpret, forming immediate actions based on this data.

How does SNIPR work?


Every vehicle passing a SNIPR powered camera is photographed, analysed and decrypted to establish suspicious vehicles


The entire process from alerting to flagging vehicles takes seconds. All transactions are recorded


The SNIPR database is connected to SAPS and local security. The necessary authorities are alerted into action.

SNIPR Technology Can:

  • Work powerfully when strategically placed cameras are installed in and around a precinct.
  • Be used with select cameras and surveillance systems, it does not require users to buy special equipment.
  • Be used with an entrance management system (for example GateBook) that provides step-by-step instructions to be followed when a suspicious number plate is recognised.
  • Be licensed on a month to month basis, with or without camera infrastructure.
  • Be viewed on a hand-held device in the field for quick real-time reporting.
  • Be monitored 24-7 in your precinct control room of choice, simply by logging in to our member dashboard and viewing your area, tailor-coded for you.
  • Be monitored 24-7 in our control room and have suspicious incidents elevated to you as they occur.
  • Read, record and store millions of transactions a day.

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