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Crime in South Africa is an unfortunate aspect we all have to deal with on a daily basis. While the country was placed on the various levels of lockdown, we experienced what was called a ‘crime holiday’ during the stricter levels due to restrictions on movement and the purchasing of alcohol. During this time, South Africans were able to sigh a sigh of relief, knowing that they were somewhat safer. Unfortunately, the ‘crime holiday’ has come to an end.

During a nationwide address, our police minister, Bheki Cele mentioned staggering double-digit increases on some types of crime. With strong increases in crime statistics, citizens’ guards begin to go up again. He mentioned that all property related crime increased by 6,0%.

Incidents reported by TTK

We recently checked in with Nicolene, our Control Room Manager at TTK Surveillance on incidents she and her team have encountered from the control room over the past month. She mentioned one of the trespassing and theft incidents in Plettenberg Bay. We asked her to give us a detailed breakdown of what occurred and how the team at TTK reacted.

Here is how the situation unfolded:

It was a Saturday evening at work for Nicolene’s team in the control room. They were suddenly met with suspicious activity at one of the sites they monitor. At around 23:53, which was 53 minutes after curfew at the time, one of the control room operators observed unauthorized entry into the perimeter by one male suspect. The operator immediately made contact with the armed response operators to dispatch a unit to the scene as soon as possible.

While awaiting the arrival of the armed response unit, our control room operators closely observed the situation and saw that the suspect entered the building. Shortly after entering the building, the suspect was seen exiting the building with two crates of alcohol in hand.

As the suspect was attempting to flee the perimeter, the control room operator spotted the arrival of the armed response team on the premises at 00:06, who conducted a perimeter and surrounding check and shortly after apprehended the suspect and recovered the crates.

An incident like the above, is an example of how TTK surveillance can assist with keeping all your business or personal assets safe and secure. We offer both off-site and in-vehicle surveillance services to ensure your valuables are found in the same space you left them every day.

Our off-site surveillance solutions:

  • 24-hours or 12-hours of monitoring
  • Offered 365 days a year
  • Both business solutions and personal solutions
  • From 1 camera to 100 camera solutions available

What makes our services different?

Get smart, reliable and self-learning software to add to the effectiveness of the offsite monitoring process. This is where an operator focuses on one alert at a time instead of several cameras at once. Each alert is processed individually, none are missed. Suspicious activity is escalated immediately and a detailed alert notification is immediately sent to the client via email.

Contact us to get your surveillance needs taken care of.