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The security of your home, family and valuables is a hugely important aspect to your life. Which is why it is of utmost importance to us to ensure it is something you don’t have to worry about.

Through our many years of experience, we have seen many people frustrated with signing yearly long contracts with security companies, only to be let down and disappointed a few months into the contract. This causes high levels of stress as the homeowner or property owner as you have a resounding feeling of being unsafe. This is why at TTK surveillance, we don’t make our client’s sign contracts, not because we want the above not to happen. But because we know that what we offer is of the highest standard, and want to allow our clients the flexibility that offers even more comfort.

Our standard policy gives our clients the ability to cancel with 30 days’ notice, if for any reason they are not satisfied or have alternate reasons for terminating the service.

We have a wide range of off-site monitoring solutions that can be tailored to your needs to ensure your property, family and valuables are kept safe. We offer monitoring of schools, hospitals, old age homes, estates, malls and more.

Our off- site monitoring includes:


Our team of diligent control room operators monitor activity and suspicious behaviour on your choice of cameras on either 12 or 24 hour surveillance. Being off-site lowers the risk of intrusion and allows us to alert and communicate with armed response while monitoring activity on the scene.


With this service we monitor all alerts and suspicious activity within a vehicle and immediately alert an armed response team. This includes monitoring any accidents, potential hi-jacking as well as reporting on poor driving behaviour. We also have a GPS tracking service to ensure the whereabouts of your vehicle are known.


This offering includes 24-hour monitoring for your car park providing you with information on exactly who has entered your premises, as well as the time they enter and exit. With the use of high-speed image capture, this technology identifies vehicle number plates as they pass via infra-red cameras. The number plates are then cross-referenced against a large database where inconsistencies, information and usage are monitored.


Our smart Ajax alarm systems are entirely set up and controlled via an Android or iOS device. With these systems, you are able to automate your appliances, control and protect gates, turn on lights, receive electric fence alarm alerts on your phone and lastly, control your energizer from anywhere, anytime.

What makes our services different?

  • There are no fixed contracts tying you in to the service.
  • We offer either 24-hours or 12-hours of monitoring based on your needs.
  • You can opt for a temporary surveillance or alarm monitoring service if you require them only during a particular season.
  • There is also no limit to the number of cameras you would like us to monitor per site, you only per license per camera.
  • Our services are offered 365 days a year for both business solutions and personal solutions.

Contact us to get your surveillance needs taken care of.