What we offer

Thanks to our range of services we are able to offer you the best possible solutions. It is vital that your security hardware provider has an understanding of the different facets of security. We are able to advise you on the best solution for your organisation while understanding your requirements and budgets.

TTK Surveillance can offer you comprehensive information and installations from a basic CCTV system to secure the smallest of homes, hi-tech CCTV systems to sophisticated biometric systems which can be integrated into your payroll system and manage the movements of anyone entering your premises. We are a specialist operation, staffed and trained to meet these demands for the ultimate benefit of our customers.

From our advanced understanding of application, project management style to our customized innovative financial packaging options, TTK Surveillance are at your disposal.

What we do  

Off-site Monitoring

We offer you an intelligent CCTV solution which delivers real-time video analytics and timely alerting based on individual preferences.



TTK has a range of products at affordable prices, from entry level CCTV systems right through to the most sophisticated for indoor and outdoor use.


Access Control And Biometrics

TTK offers a comprehensive range of access control solutions, ranging from perimeter detection, vehicle access, pedestrian access and touch free systems.


Forest Fire Detection

TTK offers virtual sensors (cameras, infrared cameras, thermal imagers) that are placed on towers ranging from 20m to 70m.