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Access control is a system that is used to control when and who has permission to enter a building or part of a building. This system increases the security of the overall building as well as the people and valuables within the premises. This system is usually controlled via access cards, tags, or biometrics.

Access control is a massive benefit to any business or site, as it eliminates the need for traditional keys which can easily go missing and can get used by a restricted individual to gain access to the premises. Restricting your access points allows you to track who enters and leaves, which is extremely helpful in the event of an incident, accident, or theft. Access control also helps protect your staff from outside threats that may occur as the building is restricted to outsiders.

There are many different forms of access control to heighten your security. TTK surveillance offer a range of access control systems that when used in conjunction with our off-site monitoring offering, guarantee that your building is secure 24/7.

Some of our access control offerings can be broken up in the following categories:

Intercom Systems - Access Control - TTK Surveillance


Our intercoms as a form of access control help ease communication between visitors and homeowners. They are mainly used for houses, apartments, and complexes/estates. These intercoms are integrated with our CCTV cameras to offer more intelligence and more security, as homeowners are able to visually see who is outside their premise, allowing them to either permit the visitor or call for assistance if there is suspicious activity. These visuals can be accessed through smart devices, allowing clients to access the videos, even when they are away, as well as allow or deny access from anywhere.

Boom gate - Access Control Systems - TTK Surveillance - Johannesburg


Booms are mainly used for a premise that has mass vehicle entry, typically for parkades, staff entrances, estates, malls, and business parks. At TTK surveillance, we have a variety of different boom gates available, from manual booms, automatic or remote-controlled booms, booms with spiked barriers, anti-theft, or reserved parking blockers, and more.

All of these boom gates offer you the ideal solution for your entrance if you are wanting to regulate traffic, manage access control or heighten your security.

Turnstiles - Access Control Barriers - TTK Surveillance - Johannesburg


Turnstiles are mainly used in warehouses, factories, stadiums, the industrial sector, and large public sites. They are mainly used for crowd management for safety and efficiency.

Biometric Verification System - Access Control - TTK Surveillance - Johannesburg


Biometrics measures and analyses the unique physical behavioural characteristics of individuals and is widely used for identification and access control. This is a modern and extremely effective form of access control which we will discuss in more detail in our next blog.

All of these types of access control are effective in keeping your property or business safe as well as assist with time and attendance, door and parking management and visitor management.

If you are looking for a solution that is right for you, get in contact with us for premium, quality solutions on or give us a call on 087 151 1961.

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