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Before we look at our offerings in more detail, it is important to understand what CCTV is and why it is beneficial to homeowners, estates, complexes, businesses, and malls. The main reason why CCTV is used as a prevention to possible crimes is that it is effective in creating awareness among people, especially potential criminals that they are being monitored. It also tells potential criminals that there is a larger risk of them being apprehended by police if a crime is being committed. This lessens the chance of criminals committing crimes as they do not want to be caught.

Our intelligent CCTV solutions deliver real-time video analytics as well as timely alerts based on your individual choice. CCTV most importantly keeps an eye on your premises while you are away, therefore giving you more peace of mind.

Cost-effective CCTV systems - TTK Surveillance - JHB - SA

TTK Surveillance has a range of cost-effective CCTV systems from entry-level systems to the most sophisticated of systems for both indoor and outdoor use. We do the full installation on all CCTV systems as well as comprehensive training on the system you choose to allow our clients to easily operate the system once the installation is complete.

Below are a few of the CCTV systems we have available:

  • Pro Series with AcuSense
    • This network camera system was created with a deep learning algorithm and is able to recognise people and vehicle targets. Certain models are built to perform strobe light and audio alarms. This system triggers alerts/alarms to the client’s mobile phone in real-time.
  • Panoramic Series
    • This network camera system can capture incredible panoramic images and close-ups. This system is ideal for malls, arenas or stadiums, airports as well as busy traffic intersections. The PanoVu series is the perfect system for dark areas as it performs excellently in poor lighting environments, the series is also built with smart functions such as intrusion detection, line crossing detection as well as region entrance and exit detection.
Solar Powered CCTV - TTK Surveillance - JHB - SA
  • Solar-powered Series
    • This network camera series is highly effective in South Africa with the dreaded load shedding schedules, but it is also effective for areas where power supplies and Ethernet cables cannot reach. These advanced systems are ideal for farms, forests, or large factories. This series has no electrical wiring and has a built-in battery that supports power management and long-term power storage. Users are able to use the system for up to 7 days in the absence of direct sunlight and can withstand extreme weather conditions.
Explosion-proof - TTK Surveillance - JHB - SA
  • Explosion-proof Series
    • This series has been put through a range of extensive tests and is certified by ATEX and IECEx. They are able to operate in hazardous environments where flammable and combustible gas or dust is present.

While these are only a few of our CCTV system offerings, we have a wide range of effective systems designed to keep your premise safe and secure. To find out more about TTK’s biometrics offering, send us an email on or give us a call on 087 151 1961.

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